Date of publication: 06.11.2017r


JOONGPOL Sp. z o.o., having completed tender process for the supply of the machinery under Sub-action 3.2.2 of the Intelligent Development Operative Program, hereby notifies that the machinery supply contract has been awarded to:

FAP S.r.l. 
Via G. Verga,5  
20842 Besana in Brianza (MB) Italy

 We are very appreciative of your participation in the tender.

Date of publication: 18.08.2017R.


Re: Clarifications to the contents of the Request for Tender No.4/2017/3.2.2 POIR –Supply of Machines

JOONGPOL Sp. z o.o., a Polish-Korean Trade and Manufacturing Company in Mielec hereby gives some explanations referring the contents of the above said RFT:

Question 1
We did not find any information on a chilling system for cooling off the material in the process.  As it appears from our experience, when you make up a production line of a capacity exceeding 350 kg/h,  there is a need to use additional machine for the purpose of carrying off excessive heat  (e.g. there is a possibility to use another extruder).  Do you anticipate using two extruders to work in a tandem in your production process, or do you intend to use a single machine (that is, a twin screw extruder as referred to in the RFT)?

Clarifications to the question 1
We intend to use one machine – a kind of a twin screw extruder.
The tandem solution is excluded from our considerations.

Question 2
Would you mind providing us with more detailed specifications for the irregular shape cutting device?  What shapes are to be cut out?  How is the material going to be fed into the machine? How is it going to be collected after the cutting process?

Clarifications to the question 2
It should be a CNC sort of machine using oscillatory cutting tool to cut out shapes in accordance with CAD drawings. It can be arches, circles, rings, straight lines, etc.
Material is to be fed in and collected manually (by hand).  Fixed on vacuum table.
Axle drives – servo motors.  Accessories – in-line tool magazine, holdfast plate, tool correction sensor.

Date of publication: 14.08.2017R.


Re:  Explanations and clarifications of the contents of Request for Tender No.4/2017/3.2.2.POIR for the supply of brand new machines for production of oxy-biodegradable foam comprising twin screw extruder, gravimetric dosing unit for 6 granulated components, S-wrap haul off automatic winder with in-line longitudinal cutting unit, and irregular shapes cut-out unit, including the set-up and start-up in the Buyer’s facilities within a project called “The Implementation of Innovative Technology and Starting Production of Oxy-Biodegradable Foam” planned for the completion within “The Intelligent Development Operational Program for the years 2014-2020”.  Action 3.2 Support of Implementation of R&D Results.  Sub-Action 3.2.2  Loans for Technological Innovations.
The Buyer provides the following explanations and clarifications to the contents of the Request for Tender No.4/2017/3.2.2 POIR:

Additional clarification to Paragraph
The Request for Tender does not provide for any additional costs, the paragraph refers only to additional works.
This paragraph refers only to the situation when there is a necessity to perform additional works which could not have been foreseen at the time of signing the Contract; so it refers to something that needs to be done under additional order, it is something beyond the scope of the Goods and related services specified in the Contract itself. In such circumstances the Buyer would make an annex to the Contract to avoid starting new procedures, and under such annex the Buyer would order some additional goods/works/services, which would be paid for separately, and terms and conditions of such additional delivery shall be specified in detail in the said annex to the Contract. The value of such additional works/services shall not exceed 50% of the order value.
The Supplier shall bear any and all costs regarding delivery, set-up, assembly, start-up and production trials to prove the agreed production parameters.

In Buyer’s judgment, there will be a necessity to perform some works relating to, but not limited to, electrical grounding and secure anchoring of the machines. In this respect, the Buyer shall ensure performance of works relating the grounding (earthing) of the machines; however, proper anchoring of the machines shall be a job to be performed by the Supplier.
The Request for Tender sets out in detail the scope of the order (paragraph III), that is: DDP delivery (under Incoterms 2010), transportation to the Buyer’s premises, set-upsite installation and start-up of brand new machines to manufacture oxy-biodegradable foam.
Site installation and start-up refer to the whole scope of the order, that is to all the machines which make up a whole production line (twin screw extruder, gravimetric dosing unit for 6 granulated components, S-wrap haul off automatic winder with in-line longitudinal cutting unit, and the irregular shapes cut-out unit), and it is the Suppliers responsibility to professionally perform all the works relating to the set up, installation, connections and start-up in the Buyer’s facilities. The Buyer may make some tools and forklifts in his possession available to Supplier during the installation process.

Spare Parts
The Supplier is under the obligation to provide at least 12 months warranty for the entire scope of the order. The warranty period starts to run on the day following the date of signing of the Final Acceptance Report by the Buyer and the Supplier.  During the warranty period, the Supplier is obliged to perform periodic inspections/overhauls and maintenance jobs as prescribed by the machine manufactures, as well as to carry out all necessary repairs in Buyer’s premises by persons or entities designated by the Supplier. 
By granting the warranty, the Supplier is obliged to rectify any defects and malfunctions of the production line in the warranty period.
Spare parts are not included in the order.

Gravimetric dosing unit for 6 granulated components
Tenders should offer a gravimetric dosing unit for 6 granulated components, loss-in-weight type feed, including a steel structure.

Extruder capacity
The twin screw extruder must reach the capacity of at least 450 kg/h.  It may have higher than 450 kg/h.
Please note that the capacity of the extruder is measured and expressed in kg/h (see technical specification in Appendix No.2 to the Request for Tender No.4/2017/3.2.2 POIR).

Butane collection hoods
Tenders should offer a set of collection-hoods to suck out unwanted butane in the area of the extruder and winder. The Buyer shall perform all connection works of the hoods to the existing ventilating system.

Antistatic Blowers
Tenders must offer CE certified devices for effective neutralization of electrostatic charge.

Site Visit
The Request for Tender does not provide for a possibility to visit the machinery installation site.

Tenders must include a steel structure for the gravimetric dosing unit for 6 granulated components, loss-in-weight type.
A chiller unit is not required. The Buyer is already in possession of one.
As for the compressed air system, it is not required. The Buyer is in possession of one.
The Buyer shall perform connecting works regarding high pressure butane supply from the butane pump to the extruder. The Supplier shall deliver a high pressure gas pump.

Date of publication: 27.07.2017R.


You are kindly requested to submit tenders for the supply of machines for the production line of
innovative oxy-biodegradable foam.
You will find detailed information on the tendering process in the following documents:

(3.1. Statement of tenderer on non-existence of capital and personal connections)
(3.2. Statement on fulfilling all conditions and requirements for the tendering process)
(3.3. Statement of tenderer on capital group)