The only manufacturer of XLPE foam in Poland

We measure our success in miles of foam produced every day. We have been providing customers with the highest quality products for 28 years. Only we produce chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam on the Polish market, thanks to which our deliveries are carried out on time.

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Be Eco, choose JOONGBio!

The environment is of the highest value to us, which is why we created JOONGBio. A unique product, 100% biodegradable and of plant origin. By choosing our product, you contribute to sustainable development and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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We will adapt to your needs

Find a solution with us that fits your needs and unleash the power of your business, regardless of its size or industry. Our designers are here to create for you a product perfectly fitting the shape of the protected item.

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Reuse Reduce Recycle

Closed circuit PE foam production allows us to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the environment and eliminate the impact of the material on ecosystems. Sustainable production means saving raw materials and energy, which reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment.

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Together we can do more

We are a good team and do our work with real passion and commitment. The relationships we build every day are very important to us. Our customers are like friends and family to us, so together we can do more.

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For 28 years, we have specialized in the production and processing of plastics: XLPE cross-linked foam, PE polyethylene foam, technical laminates, regranulates, bubble wrap, and bioplastic bubble wrap. We also offer cardboard packaging.

Our products are used in the following industries: packaging, tourism, sports, sanitary, furniture, tooling, electronics (household appliances and electronics), construction, automotive, and leisure and hobby.

years in the market
km of foam produced every day
trees saved
on time completed projects

What distinguishes us


Many years of experience in the market makes us a leader among PE and XLPE foam manufacturers in Poland.

Production facilities

We have the most modern train of machines.

Lead times

We make every effort to ensure that our lead times are as short as possible.

Quality guarantee

Control of all the processes taking place in our company allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products.


We employ specialized employees with extensive experience and many years of practice.


We constantly implement ecological solutions, both in the area of our products as well as alternative methods of acquiring energy.


As a supported employment enterprise, we counteract social exclusion.

Global co-operation

We work with the largest brands in the world, which allows us to combine knowledge and resources to create new solutions and optimize production processes.