Product description

Gas-foamed polyethylene foam is a flexible, easy-to-process material with closed cells. It is an excellent packaging solution for many items requiring special protection. Polyethylene foam has a variety of applications.

Product features

  • excellent protection of goods (high rebound resilience)
  • lightweight (does not significantly increase the weight of protected products)
  • easy to process (can be formed into various customized shapes)
  • strong and unbreakable (as opposed to styrofoam)
  • harmless
  • eco-friendly (environment friendly)
  • esthetic appearance (can be an additional element of product presentation)
  • can be bonded (without the use of glue) with other materials to form laminates (HDPE, PETM, adhesive film, bubble film, felt)
  • chemically neutral (resistant to most chemicals)
  • resistant to mold and moisture
  • odorless
  • 100% material recyclable
  • can be produced with regranulate
  • it is a good thermal insulation
  • antistatic*

* (with the use of a special additive)

Product parameters

  • density: 16 – 35 kg/m3
  • thickness: 0,8 – 100 mm
  • width: do 200 cm
  • length: do 600 m

Color scheme

  • basic: white, graphite
  • special: blue, pink, celadon, yellow, etc. (RAL color can be selected)


rolls, bags, sheets, boards, blanks, fittings, profiles


  • packaging industry: protection of electronics and household appliances, glass, ceramics, tools, metal parts, shadow boards, and many others
  • construction: underlays for flooring panels, floating floors, jackets, pipe insulation, trampoline parks and playgrounds
  • sports and tourism: camping mats, swimming pool and jacuzzi mats, mattresses, sports mats, for the production of backpacks and thermal bags
  • rehabilitation equipment: stabilizers and spinal jackets.