Product description

Bubble wrap is made from bioplastic which is 100% biodegradable. It decomposes into biomass, water and CO2. The raw materials used in the production of the bioplastic are certified according to the EN-13432 OK Compost INDUSTRIAL standard by TÜV Austria.

Properly stored wrap retains appropriate mechanical properties for a long time, has excellent protective properties and works great as a packaging material. It is characterized by high flexibility and adapts to the shape of packaged products. Bubble wrap is shock and impact resistant.

Product features

  • compostable
  • eco-friendly (environment friendly)
  • excellent protection of goods (excellent shock absorption)
  • lightweight (does not significantly increase the weight of protected products)
  • durable and non-breakable
  • harmless
  • odorless
  • 100% material recyclable

Product parameters

  • gsm: 60 – 100 g/m2
  • bubble height: 3 mm
  • width: up to 120 cm

Color scheme



rolls, bags, sheets


  • packaging industry: protection of electronics and household appliances, glass, ceramics, tools, metal parts, jewelry, and many others.