Product description

Cardboard is made of paper pulp, which consists of cellulose, waste paper and other fillers. Cardboard packaging is mainly made of recycled raw materials, which makes it ecological and environmentally friendly.

In our offer, we have spacers, glued or stapled boxes, made of 3- and 5-layer cardboard, micro-flute, or solid cardboard, with different strength parameters. At the request of the customer, we can make screen printing, digital printing or flexo printing on the cardboard.

We are FSC® certified. Ask about FSC® certified products.

Product features

  • ecological (made from recycled paper)
  • safe for human health and the environmentt
  • does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals or formaldehyde
  • puncture resistant
  • rigid (perfectly protect a variety of products)
  • compatible (easy to process to adapt to customer needs)
  • durable and tough
  • temperature resistant
  • 100% material recyclable


spacers, glued or stapled boxes, spacers combined with PE or XLPE foam