Product description

The environment is of the highest value to humanity. It is up to us in what condition we will it to future generations, which is why we developed an ecological solution. JOONGBio is a unique, 100% biodegradable product, largely of plant origin. It is an innovative material that allows the production of good quality packaging at the same time being as environmentally neutral as possible.

JOONGBio is certified according to the EN-13432 OK Compost INDUSTRIAL standard by TÜV Austria.

JOONGBio is the future of the circular packaging economy. The BIO material created by us is intended for the production of compostable products. Its processing takes place at a relatively low temperature, so it does not require a lot of energy, which allows to reduce emissivity and reduce the carbon footprint.

The raw material can be used for the production of: flat film, sleeves, half sleeves, bags and carrier bags. The products stored under appropriate conditions will maintain proper parameters and provide adequate protection against external factors.

If you want your product to be packed in ecological, biodegradable and compostable packaging, you are welcome to start a joint project with us.

Product parameters

  • MFI: 3 – 5
  • Material density: 1,20 – 1,30 kg/m3
  • Processing temperature: 120 – 140 °C