Product description

XLPE foam is cross-linked, foamed polyethylene with a fine closed-cell structure. XLPE foam is characterized by greater resistance to mechanical loads, greater tensile strength and longer durability than PE foam. Due to its properties, it is used in many industries.

Product features

  • excellent protection of goods (high rebound resilience)
  • lightweight (does not significantly increase the weight of protected products)
  • easy to process (can be formed into various customized shapes)
  • strong and unbreakable (as opposed to styrofoam)
  • harmless
  • 100% material recyclable
  • esthetic appearance (can be an additional element of product presentation)
  • can be bonded (without the use of glue) with other materials to form laminates (HDPE, PETM, adhesive film, bubble film, felt)
  • chemically neutral (resistant to most chemicals)
  • resistant to mold and moisture
  • odorless
  • can be produced with regranulate
  • it is a good thermal insulation
  • non-flammable*

* (with the use of a special additive)

Product parameters

  • density: 30 – 200 kg/m3
  • thickness: 3 – 100 mm
  • width: up to 150 cm
  • length: up to 125 m

Color scheme

  • basic: graphite, ecru
  • special: blue, pink, celadon, yellow, etc. (RAL color can be selected)


rolls, sheets, boards, blanks, fittings


  • packaging industry: protection of electronics and household appliances, glass, ceramics, tools, metal parts, shadow boards, and many others
  • construction: punderlays for flooring panels, floating floors, laggings, pipe insulation, trampoline parks and playgrounds
  • sports and tourism: camping mats, swimming pool and jacuzzi mats, mattresses, sports mats, for the production of backpacks and thermal bags
  • rehabilitation equipment: stabilizers and spinal jackets